Usage based insurance tracking soon available through OnStar

usage based auto insurance

As of the summer of 2015, a motorist’s driving behaviors can be assessed through its onboard system.

Beginning this summer, the OnStar service found in many vehicles will also be capable of tracking a driver’s behaviors as a part of an opt-in usage based insurance program that will make it possible for safer motorists to save on their coverage.

This program will provide an evaluation of a driver’s habits over a period of ninety days.

Once that time has been completed, drivers will be given the opportunity to take advantage of the results of the tracking, through a usage based insurance program. This could help good, safe, and low risk drivers to be able to reduce their premiums. The program is being offered in conjunction with Progressive. Beyond the auto insurance savings possibility, the ninety days of tracking will also result in the creation of an assessment of a driver’s skills and will produce tips that can help an individual to improve his or her driving safety.

This usage based insurance program through OnStar and Progressive is entirely optional and its results are anonymous.

auto usage based insuranceUntil the motorist actually chooses to share the results of the assessment with the insurance company, it is kept entirely private and can be used as a tool to improve driving skills and safety. However, those motorists will be provided with the option to participate in the insurance program in order to see if they can obtain better rates through discounts based on the proof that they have provided that they are low risk drivers.

The discounts through this program are not guaranteed, but there is the potential to be able to save from participation, so it is expected that there will be many drivers who will choose to take part.

To start, the smart driver assessment program that can be used in conjunction with the usage based insurance discounts will be available within all GM 2016 model vehicles, as well as the majority of the lineup form 2015, and certain 2014 and 2013 models. This OnStar service and auto insurance discount will be available exclusively in the United States for its initial rollout.

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