U.N. Security Council’s decision against North Korea includes insurance sanctions

North Korea Insurance sanctions

The vote was unanimous throughout the council in response to Pyongyang’s choice to launch more ballistic missiles.

The U.N. Security Council gave its unanimous approval to strengthening measures against North Korea, including insurance sanctions. This decision was in response to the country’s most recent ballistic missile launch. Pyongyang claims those it is now capable of sending those missiles to any part of the U.S. mainland.

The U.N.’s Security Council resolution also includes strikingly lower caps on refined oil to North Korea.

Aside from considerably tightened refined oil restrictions, North Korea also faces heightened insurance sanctions and all of the country’s citizens working overseas are now required to return within 24 months. There will be a considerably more serious crackdown on ships bringing any banned items into North Korea, particularly in the case of oil and coal.

That said, this recent update on import and insurance sanctions does not include measures Trump was seeking.

North Korea Insurance sanctionsThe Trump administration had wanted to freeze all of North Korea’s international assets – as well as those held personally by Kim Jong Un – and all imports entirely. Trump’s resolution was not ignored by the U.N. It was created through negotiations between the United States and China, North Korea’s closest ally. However, it was heavily criticized by Russia during the limited span of time in which the 14 total council nations were required to create their own resolution draft and edit it for a final vote.

Among the changes made at the last minute included a longer deadline in which to send North Korean workers home. It was originally set to be 12 months, but was later changed to give those workers 24 months in which to return home. The reason for this change was the Russia said it was the minimum amount of time required in which to make that happen.

Another change includes a reduction in the number of North Koreans who were added to the blacklist for the U.N. sanctions. Originally there were 19 people on the list, but it was cut down to 15 in time for the vote.

“The unity this council has shown in leveling these unprecedented sanctions is a reflection of the international outrage at the Kim regime’s actions,” said U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The latest oil, international worker, coal and insurance sanctions represent the tenth time the U.N. Security Council has been fully united “against a North Korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace,” added Haley.

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