Two new Kansas car insurance bills become law

Kansas Car InsuranceTwo new bills have been signed into law in Kansas that will make changes to the state’s auto insurance regulations. The first imposes a strict limit of the recovery rights of uninsured motorists. The second prohibits cities from levying charges against drivers and their insurers for any emergency response services required after an accident.

The bills were signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback, a supporter who believes they will benefit both insurers and residents.

The first law, passed late last week, is referred to as “no pay, no play” legislation. It is similar to regulations already in place in a few other states. A spokesman from says that the law will spur uninsured drivers to purchase coverage. “No pay, no play” laws have received some criticism in the past as being unfair to those that cannot afford coverage.

The ban on cities charging drivers for the use of public services is something many states have been considering throughout the nation. In an effort to offset the cost of emergency response services, cities and municipalities have been charging those caught in accidents for these services. Two other states have similar laws, with many more likely to follow suit.

Both laws have had little in the way of opposition throughout their time in the legislature. They have had bipartisan support from the state’s government as well as support from several insurance groups.

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