Trupanion pet insurance provides first product for nutritional supplement and therapeutic pet food coverage

pet insuranceThe fastest growing and second largest pet insurer in the country, Trupanion, has announced that it is now offering coverage to pet owners for nutritional supplements and therapeutic pet foods that are designed to improve their pets’ health.

This step makes the insurance company the first one to offer coverage for the use of these therapeutic and preventive efforts for pets when they are available exclusively through veterinary clinics and hospitals. These additional benefits will now be a part of the core coverage provided by the policies and are available for all current and future policyholders.

The broadened protection will cover the expense of up to two months of therapeutic pet food, in addition to the price of veterinarian recommended dietary supplements.

The use of nutritional supplements and therapeutic pet foods is known to help better a pet’s health if it has any number of different conditions ranging from skin health to joint health. These treatments are frequently recommended by vets. Until now, the only way that pet owners could obtain these products was to pay for them out of their own pockets, but those who are covered by Trupanion will now have access to these products while having the costs recovered.

According to Trupanion’s Chief Executive Officer, Darryl Rawlings, the insurer wanted to be able to provide pet owners with additional opportunities to afford the care that their pets require to achieve their best health. He added that by including this coverage in their policies, it is only “the next step in our continual effort to improve our offering while maintaining the best value in the market.”

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