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Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceThe carrier has unveiled a new travel insurance policy for non-medical emergency evacuation. has announced that it is now offering a new product as a part of its available travel insurance options, that will provide policyholders with coverage for evacuation in non-medical emergencies.

This trip coverage will be underwritten by US Fire Insurance Company and BCS Insurance Company, and will provide customers up to $25,000 in payments to cover their return to safety should their destination experience a man-made or natural disaster, or resulting from political issues that are covered by the policy.

This new protection is different from medical emergency evacuation protection as it covers unforeseen disasters.

Examples of the type of situation where this travel insurance would apply include Hurricane Katrina, Cairo’s political crisis, and the Japan quake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency. Policyholders are covered for all reasonable expenses that are required in order to take you out of danger and bring you either home or to the nearest safe place.

Insured individuals need only call the On Call International LLC, toll free, to have the most economical, safest, and most appropriate evacuation arranged for you. Only the arrangements made by this service are covered by the policy.

According to the CEO and founder, Dan Skilken, “When travelling, even to traditionally safe locations in the world, disaster can strike without notice. One minute you are touring the great pyramids, and the next minute your hotel is in the midst of political unrest. You can never predict when an earthquake, flood, or hurricane will affect your trip.” He explained that this is why they created the new form of coverage.

Skilken says this gives travelers the peace of mind from knowing that they will be helped to safety.

Should a policyholder be on a covered trip when the U.S. State Department or local authorities issue a warning to leave the area as a result of military, civil, or political unrest, a natural disaster, or because you are personally being expelled as a persona non-grata, the evacuation is covered.

The travel insurance is effective when the policyholder chooses to evacuate within 10 days of the covered event.


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