Travelers of Massachusetts unveils New Car Discount program for reduced insurance costs

Massachusetts Auto InsuranceTravelers of Massachusetts has announced that in response to the increase in new purchases – which, according to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, is expected to beat the 310,547 purchased last year by 7 percent – it is launching the New Car Discount.

This will help the residents of Massachusetts who have purchased new cars to obtain greater savings on their auto insurance. In fact, drivers with new vehicles – that is, those that are less than three years old – will be able to use it to obtain a savings of up to five percent on their coverage for collision. The amount of the discount will be based on the year of the car’s model.

Travelers of Massachusetts president and CEO, Dick Welsh, explained that purchasing a new vehicle is a sizeable investment, and the insurer is happy to be able to provide its customers with a way that they can reduce the expense of insurance coverage, while still enjoying the peace of mind it provides.

He added that “There are many important decisions to make in the new car buying process, and insurance considerations should be at the forefront of the decision making process.”

Beyond their program for the New Car Discount, the insurer has also unveiled their Accident Forgiveness discount program. This applies to customers of Travelers of Massachusetts who have been with the insurer for four or more years and have not experienced an accident, comprehensive claim, or violation in the past five years.

These are only a few of the new programs that Travelers of Massachusetts has recently been introducing. Others include a Multi-Policy Discount, the Pay in Full Discount, a discount designed for hybrid vehicles, and an Annual Mileage Discount.

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