Travelers insurance discounts added after purchase of home policies over Amazon

Travelers Insurance Discounts - Woman - Discount Price

The insurer has opened a storefront on the website’s marketplace, said a company announcement.

Policyholders seeking Travelers insurance discounts may be able to find them by shopping on Amazon. The insurance company has created a digital storefront that has become the first of its kind on the electronic marketplace.

The homeowners insurance policies will use smart home technology to help monitor houses.

“Smart home technology is making it easier for all of us to monitor our homes and help protect us from some of the most common causes of damage,” said Michael Klein, president of personal insurance at Travelers. Moreover, by using the smart home tech, policyholders may qualify for Travelers insurance discounts on their homeowners policy premiums.

Travelers launched its Amazon storefront to sell its smart home kits with greater convenience to consumers. The goal of the kits is to help homeowners to stop certain types of preventable losses, such as theft and even water damage. This is the first time an insurance company has opened a digital storefront of this nature on Amazon’s website, said Travelers as reported by CNBC.

Travel insurance discounts may be possible for the company’s policyholders who use the kits.

Amazon customers who purchase the smart home protection kits receive the following items and services:

• Water sensors
• Security cameras
• Multi-sensor capable motion detectors
• A smart home hub which provides a wireless connection to several other smart devices in order to ensure their compatibility with each other
• An Amazon Echo Dot

Analysts have been pointing to Amazon as an important component of the future of the insurance industry. In fact, many have stated that they feel the e-commerce giant will be quite the disruptive force in the not-too-distant future. Moreover, in August, Live Insurance News reported on a Reuters story regarding Amazon’s discussions with European insurers regarding a health insurance price comparison website for the United Kingdom.

Travelers Insurance Discounts - Woman - Discount PriceThe kits were available for pre-order, but became available for purchase as of today, October 11, 2018. Eligible homeowners policyholders will be able to benefit from Travelers insurance discounts provided they purchase the kit and install it for use.

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