Travel insurance offers people surprising benefits for a staycation

travel insurance

Many people wouldn’t even think to buy coverage for a vacation whey they’re staying home, but there are advantages.

Staycations have become quite popular over the last few years – particularly since the economic crisis – but while travel insurance may be a common purchase when you’re heading out of state or out of the country, many people don’t realize that it can offer them benefits when they’re vacationing at home, too.

Despite the fact that added medical coverage isn’t required, there are more benefits to travel policies.

Throughout the summer months, while the kids are out of school, many families are taking vacations without ever needing to head to an airport or book accommodations at a hotel. People are frequently taking the opportunity to stay at home but explore all of the various things that they can do within a daytrip from where they live, or that will require them to stay overnight only once, while staying within a certain distance of their homes.

Despite the fact that this often involves purchasing package tours, buying tickets, and spending a large amount of money on various events or even staying at a hotel or cottage overnight, many people don’t realize that travel insurance could help to protect them against certain potential problems that could cause them to lose what they’ve spent.

Travel insurance can protect a vacation from losses, even when the “travelers” are staying at home.

travel insuranceIn fact, according to a survey conducted by Lloyds Bank Travel Insurance, a tremendous 33 percent – more than one in three people – don’t realize that this type of coverage can protect them if they don’t leave their own home state or country. The reason is often that travelers don’t realize that this type of policy goes above and beyond simply protecting people from airline cancellations and from medical emergencies outside of their typical coverage.

Cancellation and curtailment are some of the most important benefits to this form of insurance policy. After all, regardless of whether or not you’ll be flying to your destination or staying put, anything happens to stop you from going, you could lose deposits and the prices that you paid for various kinds of tickets.

Furthermore, travel insurance can also help to protect you while you are visiting various events and attractions, in the case that you have a camera, jewelry, or other personal possessions stolen. Depending on how large your staycation is, it might be worth your while to check out the types of travel coverage that are available to you.

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