Travel Guard North America unveils new travel insurance product for outdoor adventures

Travel Guard North America unveils new travel insurance product for outdoor adventures

New Travel insurance product covers sports enthusiasts who love everything from rock climbing to camping.

A leading travel insurance policy provider, Travel Guard North America, has announced its latest offering in the form of a “Great Outdoors” plan, which is designed to better meet the needs of individuals who are active and enjoy exciting outdoor activities.

This new form of protection provides travelers with a streamlined, comprehensive product that covers the individuals, and their equipment and gear, while they’re away on their adventures. It has solutions for everyone from campers to golfers and from rock climbing enthusiasts to surfers. Whether going on safari, spelunking, hunting, or scaling a mountain, the Great Outdoors plan can be customized to cover any emergency travel expenses or evacuation, gear, trip delay, interruption, and cancellation, and more.

Travel Guard North America unveils new travel insurance product for outdoor adventures

Carol Mueller said “A lot of time, effort and money go into planning active and adventure vacations.”

Mueller is the Travel Guard North America vice president. She added that “Whether you’re planning a relaxed sporting vacation or participating in extreme adventure, many factors can cause a dream trip to go awry. Travel Guard’s new Great Outdoors travel insurance plan provides a wide range of coverages and specific sports travel services to help put active travelers’ minds at ease.”

Customers of the insurer can buy the Great Outdoors plan and will, at the same time, gain access to the travel assistance and emergency services provided by Travel Guard, 24/7, in case there is a need for emergency services and travel assistance in re-booking flights, obtaining referrals for physicians, gaining access to prescription refills, and other critical services.

The Great Outdoors plan also provides policyholders with a concierge service for sports requirements.

This includes many different forms of reservations, such as for tee time, referrals for hunting and fishing guides, driving directions, the coordination of delivery or pick-up of equipment, and virtually every other sports-related request that the policy holding individuals may have.

Travel Guard is owned by Chartis, which is a global travel insurance and assistance leader. It serves millions of travelers and Globo Surf enthusiasts worldwide with its various products and services ranging from convenience to emergency necessities.


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