Travel insurance coverage is being purchased for very specific reasons

Travel insurance Young Man Luggage Staning In Front Of Air Plane

Among the drivers that cause travelers to buy a policy, worries over hurricanes top the list.

The results of a recent travel insurance survey have shown that there are some very specific reasons that consumers are purchasing this coverage, among which, hurricanes have been generated the largest amount of worry.

The findings revealed that unexpected weather is enough to cause travelers to want to insure themselves.

The research was conducted by a comparison website called InsureMyTrip. It determined that severe weather is making people the most worried about their vacation decisions over the summer months. The poll was conducted with the participation of licensed travel insurance agents in order to be able to identify the leading reasons that travelers feel that they should purchase insurance policies to cover their trips when they head away during the months of June through September.

Hurricanes and other severe weather were, by far, the biggest push toward a travel insurance policy purchase.

Travel insurance Young Man  Luggage Staning In Front Of Air Plane After hurricanes and bad weather, the next most common reason that travelers purchase insurance for their vacations is concerns over issues with a vacation rental of some form. The last among the leading reasons had to do with health problems that would impact travel plans.

The insurance agents who participated gave their responses based on conversations that they had with customers over email, phone, and in-person discussions. Whenever a customer brought up a specific concern for which they wanted coverage, the agents made note of it.

The InsureMyTrip results indicated that among travelers who travel during the summer months, 80 percent who book their trips through an agent will purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to protect it. That type of protection offers a number of different type of benefits which range from trip interruption to cancellation, to baggage protection, emergency travel services, and medical coverage.

One thing that the reports on this research have been suggesting is that if consumers do want travel insurance against the risk of hurricanes, then they will need to make their purchase early. By the time a storm starts to form – particularly once it is named – it is already considered to be a “foreseeable event”, and it is unlikely that a policy will provide coverage for it after that point.

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