Travel insurance claims are pouring in following several hurricanes

travel insurance claims policies

This busy storm season has led to a large number of filings from people whose vacations were interrupted.

The active 2017 hurricane season has led to a sudden influx of travel insurance claims as vacations and business trips see interruptions. This type of storm season has helped to demonstrate the value that this type of insurance coverage can offer travelers.

Thousands of people across the United States are breathing a sigh of relief after purchasing the coverage.

Those who purchased their travel insurance policies before the storms were named can take advantage of the full coverage offered by the protection they purchased. While many often hesitate to buy the this type of policy, those who did have been making their travel insurance claims when their trips were interrupted by the storms.

According to Allianz Global Assistance USA director of communications, Daniel Durazo, “Hurricane Irma has caused thousands of our customers to cancel their trips to Florida.”

By the end of last week, that insurer alone had received nearly 7,000 travel insurance claims.

travel insurance claims policiesAllianz Travel Insurance reported that its customer service center has already handled over 1,200 calls from its policyholders as they request information and assistance after Hurricane Irma made its way through. This figure doesn’t include any of the data collected regarding the previous major storm, Hurricane Harvey.

That said, the insurance company also reported that it had received over 2,000 claims following Harvey, which devastated large and populated parts of Texas and Louisiana. A certain number of claims have also started trickling in following the damage from Hurricane Jose in the Caribbean.

Durazo pointed out that the travelers who found the process of making their claims to be the most smooth were those who took the step to contact their hotels and airlines ahead of actually cancelling their complete trips. The reason is that many accommodations and airlines made it possible for travelers to reschedule their trips around the hurricanes, without having to face any additional fees or with only the most nominal of fees.

In those cases, travel insurance claims were avoided altogether as the problem was solved and no money was lost. Still, among the travelers who didn’t take that step or who booked with hotels or airlines not offering those features, it is their policies that are helping to make sure they are compensated.

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