Choose a Trading Platform for Trading Stocks among the Most Technologically Advanced Trading Solutions in the Industry

Stock trading can be a pretty profitable activity. As an investor, you can use a variety of trading platforms to access the market and open/close your deals. There are different terminals that you can use today. Read descriptions of the best options to pick the right one. 

What Is Stock Trading?

Some companies release shares, allowing investors to purchase them. This is how businesses gain capital and investors get a chance to earn money. Shares can be bought and sold, depending on the situation on the market, and in both cases, it is possible to generate some income. 

What Is a Trading Platform?

A trading platform is an application that displays price movement on certain assets. It comes with a variety of options, allowing opening and closing deals, setting limits, accessing information for technical and fundamental analysis. They often allow installing additional features, such as trading robots. 

Choose a Trading Platform for Trading Stocks

What Are the Best Platforms to Trade Stocks?

Currently, there is a range of convenient web-based and mobile applications that can be used to trade stocks. The following are the options recommended to consider:

Web Trader 

Web Trader is a web and mobile application. It is the proprietary web product of RoboMarkets. This trading solution comes with the following features:

  • 13 indicators
  • Nine tools for technical analysis
  • Exclusive analytics from the developer 
  • Easy account management

R Trader 

R Trader is a relatively new platform that offers thousands of instruments, advanced charting features, creating automated strategies, and more.

Its main features are:

  • Access to plenty of markets
  • The minimum investment of $100
  • The maximum leverage of 1:20
  • 3,000 stocks
  • 8,000 CFDs

MT 4 

MT 4  is a highly popular platform for trading on various markets. It comes with a user-friendly interface, plenty of instruments, and effective analytical opportunities. Currently, it is the most used terminal among stock traders. 

Its main features include: 

  • Three types of order execution
  • Three types of interactive charts
  • 50 indicators
  • An option to create and install trading robots

MT 5 

MT 5  is an advanced trading platform. While it offers advanced features for professional traders, it is simple and easy to use by beginners. Traders can conveniently open and monitor several positions simultaneously. 

The main features of this platform include: 

  • HTML5 tables and charts
  • Four types of order execution
  • 44 graphical objects
  • Community chat
  • Six types of pending orders

How to Choose the Right Platform 

While there are platforms that are more popular than others, there is no terminal perfect for everyone. For example, as a beginner, you may want to opt for the platform with the simplest interface, while professional traders will likely want to get access to the most innovative features. All in all, the best way to go is to test each platform and pick the right option. 

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