Today is the health insurance deadline for enrolling millions of Americans

health insurance deadline enrollment

The federal government’s shorter end to the open enrollment period cuts off registrations for 2018 today.

Americans across the country are being reminded that if they want to enroll before the health insurance deadline for 2018 coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they need to register today.

Officials and ACA supporters are reminding people that if they want a health plan, they must enroll by tonight.

State insurance departments are encouraging Americans to act with haste if they don’t want to miss the health insurance deadline for enrolling in 2018 coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Moreover it is important for Americans to know that if they miss this deadline, they will no longer be able to change their plans after their first premium bill has been issued in January.

Insurance departments are encouraging people who want a new health plan or who want to change their plan to visit their exchange. The sites offer tools to help make appointments with navigators as well as certified application counselors, but the enrollment must be made in time.

Consumers are running out of time before the health insurance deadline and should use the internet or phone.

health insurance deadline enrollmentAmericans who have not yet made their choices because they have questions are encouraged to call a licensed insurance agent in order to receive advice from a qualified professional. This will help to make it possible to better understand the health plans that are available and how they will best meet the needs of those they will cover.

That said, the phone lines aren’t open 24 hours per day so it is important for consumers to act sooner rather than later as the deadline is looming. The federal government cut all but a tiny sliver of the marketing and education budget for the Affordable Care Act this year. Despite the fact that many exchanges are already reporting improved enrollment figures over last year, there is still concern that many people won’t realize that the deadline has also been shortened compared to the years under the Obama administration.

The hope is that as many Americans who need to enroll in plans will have done so before the health insurance deadline expires tonight.

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