Tips for driving safety in the winter for teens and other new drivers

driving safety for teen drivers during winter

Every year there are more cars on the roads…

meaning driving safety, every winter, becomes a little bit more important due to treacherous, especially when extreme weather is thrown into the mix.

These road conditions can bring about some very unexpected and frightening situations for even the most experienced drivers, let alone the new ones such as teens. Therefore, without experience for guidance, it is important to learn good quality tips to help to avoid accidents. Review the following every year before heading out into inclement weather:

• Prepare the vehicle – change to winter tires that are designed for the cold and snow for added traction, check the battery, verify the fluid levels, test all of the lights, and check the windshield wiper blades (making sure they’re not stuck to the windshield and not torn), and test the brakes.

• Keep your gas tank over half full. If you are stuck in snow or in traffic, you don’t want to run out of fuel.

• Leave the mobile talking and texting for when you get there or if you’re pulled over. It should be for emergency use only and should not be used while you’re driving.

• Keep passengers to a minimum. With every additional passenger, the risk of a fatality in an accident increases.

• Wear your seatbelt and do so properly. Make sure everyone else in the car is buckled up, too.

• Make sure that you’re well rested and if you feel tired, pull over.

• Don’t drink or use drugs before driving. Even one glass of beer can cost you the additional concentration you will need in many winter driving circumstances.

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