Thousands set to lose their health insurance in the US

America's health insurance plan

200,00 people will lose their insurance because they cannot prove they are legally living in the US

An estimated 200,000 people may lose their health insurance coverage because they are unable to prove that they are legal residents of the United States. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, these people will have their insurance coverage invalidated on February 28 of this year. These people had previously enrolled in insurance exchanges, finding policies that they may not have been able to find elsewhere. Many of these insurance policies were meant to automatically renew this year.

Federal agency continues to work with consumers to ensure people remain covered by insurance

The Department of Health and Human Services has been working to determine whether or not those enrolled in exchanges are legally living in the country. When people enroll in exchanges, they must provide information concerning their residency, but officials with the federal agency have found that many people have provided information that is inaccurate. Over the past several months, the agency has been working to clarify whether or not inaccurate information was provided as a mistake in order to ensure that people do not lose their coverage.

Nearly 8 million people are enrolled in health insurance exchanges

health insurance exchange problemsAccording to federal records, nearly 8 million people throughout the United States have purchased health insurance coverage through and exchange or will have the policies they previously purchased automatically renew. The federal government opted to automatically re-enroll the majority of consumers that had signed up for exchanges in order to streamline the process. Consumers were informed that their policies would renew and were able to make changes to these policies through their state’s insurance exchange.

Another 112,000 people are set to lose their insurance coverage later this year

A few months ago, some 112,000 people were informed that their insurance coverage would be invalidated because they could not provide information about their legal status to live in the United States. These people will see their coverage expire at the end of September of this year. Many people have been able to provide information concerning their residency, but federal officials say that this information was insufficient to verify their legal status as citizens.

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