Thousands could lose their health insurance due to website glitches

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems

Many people are in danger of losing their insurance coverage because of information discrepancies

Thousands of consumers throughout the U.S. are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage due to discrepancies with the information they provided to insurance exchanges. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has been working with many people to ensure that this does not happen, but ongoing problems with state-based exchanges may be making the issue more problematic than it already is. is unable to handle consumer information

Many of those that have purchased insurance coverage through their state’s exchange have done so through the federal site. Consumers will have to resubmit their citizenship or immigration information through this site in order to ensure that they remain insured. The problem, however, is that the site is still riddled with glitches, some of which make it impossible to use. Consumers must submit their information by September 5 this year or lose their insurance coverage.

Consumers could lose their insurance coverage because of website glitches

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problemsWith the deadline creeping ever closer, some consumers are beginning to express concerns regarding whether or not it is possible to submit their information in time. Many people are encountering glitches on the federal website and are finding it impossible to submit information. Moreover, the site is having trouble handling the traffic it is currently receiving, leading to slow load times and other annoyances that are complicating the process.

Security threat closes accounts in April, many remain inaccessible

Another issue is making the matter worse. In April, all passwords associated with accounts were reset due to a security risk. This left many people with the inability to access their accounts, which has, again, made it impossible for them to submit information regarding themselves. For the accounts that are open and accessible, information cannot be uploaded reliably due to the faults in the site’s development. If the issue remains unresolved, the deadline for submitting information may be extended to ensure that people do not lose their insurance coverage unnecessarily.

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