This weekend, review your homeowners insurance for Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week - Hurricane in Key West

Saturday and Sunday are wrapping up the awareness week to remind us to be ready for weather.

Hurricane Preparedness Week is coming to a close, but it’s time to take what we’ve learned and put it into action. The only way this awareness week will have been a success is if you make the right changes to keep yourself safe.

This week includes a number of things to prepare for an emergency, such as reviewing your policies.

The insurance industry likes to take the opportunity of Hurricane Preparedness Week to remind policyholders to do their homework. It’s time to look at your homeowners insurance, auto insurance and other forms of coverage. Reviewing your policies helps you to know that they still provide the coverage you need. They will still provide your home and possessions with the necessary payout if the worst should happen.

The FEMA Hurricane Preparedness Exercise is now available on the government’s Floodsmart website. Among the recommendations are to understand what is and is not covered in the case of flood and windstorms. If you are uncertain as to what the language of your policy means, it’s a good idea to speak to an experienced insurance agent.

Hurricane Preparedness Week also makes recommendations for preparing your property.

The FEMA Hurricane Preparedness Exercise offers a number of different recommendations for protecting your family and home. It recommends that you don’t wait until a storm happens to try to get yourself ready. Instead, there are many improvements you can make to your home to reduce your risk of experiencing damage.

Moreover, if you create an emergency kit ahead of time, including all the items recommended on the website, it means that you and your family will be ready to cope with extended power failures, a lack of clean running water or even a last minute evacuation.

Hurricane Preparedness Week - Hurricane in Key WestThis year, Hurricane Preparedness Week is more important than ever. The country has been experiencing more frequent, powerful storms. Last year’s devastation from Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma and Maria. In 2017, most forecasters predicted an average or slightly above average hurricane season. This year, forecasters are predicting an above average hurricane season. Take this weekend to begin your preparations.

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