The season of motorcycle insurance and safety awareness has now begun

Motorcycle Insurance policy

Motorcycle InsuranceNow that the snow is gone and the warm weather is here, motorcycle insurance is a serious consideration.

With the start of the warm weather, the season for awareness about motorcycle insurance and safe riding has begun, with the support of federal, state, and local law enforcement, highway safety, and enthusiast organizations.

The month of May has now been called “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,” as it marks the official riding season. Its goal is to educate riders and spread awareness of how important it is to take proper safety measures while using the roads all over the country.

It is also an ideal time for riders to go over their motorcycle insurance policies.

At the start of each new season, it’s a good idea to purchase, renew, or review coverage for this vehicle, to make sure that it is still providing the right amount of protection for the unique needs of the driver. Many things can change over a winter, such as the vehicle, the amount and type of use it will see over the season, as well as the various laws and regulations about minimum amounts of coverage.

By increasing rider awareness of these laws, coverages, and safe road use, the hope is to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities across the country on roadways ranging from highways to back roads. This education and awareness covers not only the specific behaviors of the riders – such as wearing a helmet and making sure that the vehicle is in proper working order – but it also extends to the sharing of the roadways.

Motorcyclists and other motorists must develop a mutual respect for one another and their right to drive.

As the number of fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents continue to rise, it is very important for riders and other road users to recognize that the riders have a significantly greater vulnerability than drivers of other types of vehicles. While motorcyclists should make efforts to drive safely and remain both visible and predictable, other motorists need to remember to check their mirrors and blind spots for the presence of motorcycles as they approach and enter an intersection and before they make a lane change.

Insurers often offer motorcycle insurance discounts for additional safety efforts, such as taking safety courses and wearing a helmet.


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