The right choices mean consumers can save more money on motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle InsuranceMotorcycle owners who aren’t ready to give up their vehicles over the price of insurance premiums are coming up with some effective ways to save money and yet still maintain the level of coverage that they need.

The first step is to make certain that the opportunity for theft or vandalizing of the motorcycle is reduced. When you buy a bike, make sure that you have a place to store it. Since they don’t require that much space, a small portion of your garage, or even a shed will usually be enough to deter wrongdoers. It will give your motorcycle extra protection from weather, too.

When you do this, make sure that your insurance company is aware of the fact that you are storing your vehicle out of sight in a protected location. This is especially important if you live in an area where motorcycle theft is common.

Check into potential discounts that you can obtain for multiple policies with the insurance companies that are already providing coverage for your house or car. Ask the insurance company if they will reduce the price of your motorcycle coverage if you add it with them alongside your other policy(ies).

Even if you’ve been driving a motorcycle for years, think about taking an accredited motorcycle operator safety course and add some safety features to your bike. This, in combination with a clean driving record (both on your motorcycle and in your car) will make an enormous difference in the cost of your premiums.

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