The impact of drinking on travel insurance coverage

Travel InsuranceTravelers who are away from home on business trips or on vacation face a certain temptation to drink that may be much riskier than they think.

According to the marketing manager, Sara Byrne, if a traveler drinks too much and it results in illness, injury, or an accident, most “will not be able to make a claim under their travel insurance as their policy will not cover them.” is a travel insurance comparison and purchase website. Byrne went on to say that the result is that many travelers find themselves having to cover their medical expenses out of their own pockets.

The reason that this exclusion is made – according to the Travelex Insurance Services director of marketing, Christine Buggy – is that alcohol and drugs can impair a person’s judgment and capability to make a good decision. She added that insurers should not be responsible for expenses that are the outcome of drunkenness.

In the majority of situations, the travel insurance company won’t know if a claim being made is linked to intoxication. However, if alcohol is noted on the documentation which must be provided for the claim, then it may deny that claim.

The majority of travel insurance companies will not simply deny a claim based on any mention of alcohol, but will usually take note of the degree of intoxication as recorded within the reports, and will then make their decision based on the legal allowable limit within that jurisdiction. That said, if the policyholder has participated in a crime or other illegal act, it will also typically refuse coverage.

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