The Five Best Selling Driving Albums of All Time

Best Albums for Driving

They say that music is the soundtrack to our lives and certain songs have a special meaning when we hear them. There is always a song or even an artist that produces just the right type of song for your mood and driving in your car is a great place to discover and play your favourite sounds to help your journey time fly by.

Here are five of the best selling driving albums of all time and some of them might already be in your music collection.

Blondie – Autoamerican 

There were certain things from the 80’s that should never have caught on but enough about fashion because Blondie provided an album in 1980 that still has you using your steering wheel as a drum even now. As an album and a musical statement it was a game changer, and the perfect soundtrack for cruising in your car. The Tide is High and Rapture were monster hits and the latter song was the first ever rap song to make number 1 in the U.S. The whole album is a great choice for listening to in your car and the tracks take influence from funk, rock and reggae through to disco and an early example of rap without pausing for breath.

The Doors – Morrison Hotel 

What’s not to like about The Doors? This was their fifth album and it could almost have been written as a driver’s anthem with classic tracks that even have an automobile theme in their title. Roadhouse Blues is an awesome song that just works so well when you listen to it from behind the wheel and Queen of the Highway hits the spot too. The album was released in 1970 and even if you are too young to remember it the first time around, it’s a must for your driving collection.

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms 

Nine weeks at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and eventually achieving nine times platinum in the U.S, this is one the world’s best selling albums and a great choice of music for when you hit the road. Virtually every song on the album is a classic from the upbeat Money for Nothing and Walk of Life to the haunting So Far Away.

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds Best Albums for Driving

A unique sound that is instantly recognizable and their surfer rock music is virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face and lighten your mood even if you get caught up in rush-hour traffic. Wouldn’t it Be Nice is 2 minutes and 21 seconds of bliss that transports you straight to the beach in your mind and Sloop John B and God Only Knows are other notable highlights of this must-have driving album.

ACDC – Highway to Hell 

Sometimes you just want to turn up the volume to max and lose yourself in some serious rock adrenaline pumping rock music. If you are looking for a classic rock album that will have your head rocking and get your blood pumping then ACDC’s Highway to Hell is the CD to be reaching for so you can drown out the traffic and blast out the tension of a stressful day or journey. You might sometimes feel like you are actually travelling on the highway to hell but with ACDC vibrating the windows with tracks like and Night Prowler and of course Highway to Hell, you will soon be tuned in to this awesome album and almost not wanting the journey to end.

If you can’t find something to like amongst this collection of incredible driving albums then stick the traffic report on and enjoy, as you probably don’t have music in your soul if some of these tracks can’t raise your pulse rate or lighten your mood.

Josh Hayward is an auto and driving enthusiast. His articles mainly appear on motoring blogs. Visit the car insurance link for ideas and information.

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