The difference a tread depth gauge makes to your car’s winter readiness

auto insurance winter tire pressure gauge

Making regular quick and easy maintenance checks can help to prevent expensive repairs – and crashes.

We’re well into the season for temperatures that are below freezing and while you may have done an oil change and topped up your fluids before it all got started, using a tire pressure and tread depth gauge on a regular basis is a tiny little step that could save your life…or at least your wallet.

Temperatures fluctuate widely throughout the winter, which can make your tires behave differently.

Moreover, while you’re driving along on gritty, salty and sandy roads, striking cracks and potholes, you’re wearing down your tires. Unless this is only your first year with your snow or winter tires on – or even your all-seasons – then it’s a good idea to get a good quality tread depth gauge that will let you make sure you haven’t worn down your tires by too much, and that they’re still adequately inflated. This will help you to keep the best possible control over your vehicle, even when things get slick and slippery on the road’s surface.

A tread depth gauge is your key to understanding whether or not your tires will keep you safe on the road.

auto insurance winter tire pressure gaugeAfter all, if you’re driving along on tires that are too worn, even if they’re inflated to the perfect amount, you simply won’t have the traction you need to keep your vehicle where you need it to be to remain safe and to prevent some very expensive damage.

Once you know you’ve used the right tools to know that your tires are where they should be, you should also give your wiper blades a quick check. Before heading out, simply check them over for tears and nicks. These are extremely easy and inexpensive to replace, and they make a world of difference when it comes to your visibility when you’re behind the wheel.

While it’s true that a tread depth gauge, proper tire inflation and undamaged wiper blades are all important throughout the entire length of the year, it’s at times like this, when the driving is at its most difficult due to road conditions and visibility issues, that it becomes the most important to keep on top of any preventable problems.

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