Allstate and State Farm take on tens of thousands of Texas storm claims

Texas storm claims - Snow in city street

The insurers have deployed claim centers and technology to support affected policyholders.

As Texas storm claims come rolling in by the tens of thousands, insurance giants like Allstate and State Farm have deployed staff and technology to meet policyholder needs.

Allstate has deployed six mobile claim centers into the areas most heavily affected by the storms.

The six Allstate mobile centers have been deployed for Texas storm claims in the areas most heavily affected in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin. Each of them has carefully included COVID-19 safety measures. Their purpose is to expedite the process of filing claims relating to the devastating winter storms that struck the area, as well as to answer any insurance questions policyholders may have.

“Allstate leads in helping customers recover from this extreme weather with fast claim services through the Allstate Mobile app, advanced photo and video technology and instant payments to customers,” said the insurer’s executive vice president and chief claims officer Eric Brandt. “Bringing our mobile claim centers to the area will make it easier for people to start rebuilding their lives.”

State Farm has taken its adjusters into the virtual sphere online to help with Texas storm claims.

State Farm, the largest homeowners’ insurance provider in Texas, has added a tech twist to its service offerings. It has used video calls to make it possible for its employees and policyholders to remain safely and comfortably distanced while they make their filings and have their questions answered.

The option will remain in place for the company’s policyholders as the state recovers from the catastrophic weather. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, the recent winter storms are predicted to be the costliest event insurers in the state have ever faced.

According to State Farm, going virtual has made it possible to speed up the process of having questions answered as well as filing claims. It said that using this technology has allowed its employees to process the claims more rapidly while keeping people safely distanced as the pandemic continues.

Texas storm claims - Snow in city streetWhile video streaming Texas storm claims, State Farm employees were able to answer questions specific to the property and could even snap pictures of various types of damage by asking the homeowner to aim their phone at the issue in question.

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