Texas governor appoints new head of the state’s Department of Insurance

Eleanor KitzmanThe Texas Department of Insurance is in for a shakeup as Governor Rick Perry announced Wednesday that a new Insurance Commissioner is on the way. Eleanor Kitzman, once the executive director of the South Carolina Budget and Control Board, has been appointed to the position and will take the reins of the office beginning next month. Her term will span until February 1, 2013, giving Kitzman ample time to affect change in the state’s insurance industry.

Kitzman will be replacing former Commissioner Mike Geeslin who held the office for several years. Governor Perry is confident that Kitzman will prove to be a staunch advocate for consumers in the state. The American Insurance Association was quick to congratulate Kitzman on her new position.

Early in her career, she was called upon by the Louisiana Department of Insurance, to help fix their ailing auto insurance division. She took to it like a duck to water and soon found herself working with the South Carolina Department of Insurance on building consumer approval, which lead to the birth of “Driver’s Choice Insurance”.

Kitzman’s background in insurance made her one of the primary contenders for the position. Her past employment includes an array of expertise mainly concentrating on the insurance industry along with a legal background but her affiliation with the infamous global investment firm, Goldman Sachs, has brought some attention.

Kitzman’s appointment has been met with relative approval from the industry and consumers. She hopes to bring a balance between insurers and consumer in the future.


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