Tennessee gay couple claims hate crime…insurance company says fraud

Fire InsuranceAmerican National Property and Casualty Company in Tennessee have brought a federal lawsuit against a couple in an effort to void their homeowner’s insurance policy. The couple’s Tennessee home burnt in September last year and the insurance company is alleging arson on the homeowner’s part and denying the claim.

There are more details involved which complicate the case even further; the couple is gay and has alleged that a former neighbor is the one who set their house on fire. The couple claimed the neighbor has harassed them for five years with verbal assaults and threats of harm,; even going so far as to poison the couples’ dogs.

American National is refusing to pay the claim stating they believe the majority of the evidence points to intentional loss; caused by the homeowner’s. Under Tennessee’s law, intentional destruction of property voids all coverage under the policy.

On the night of the house fire, the two women were out, ironically, celebrating their five year anniversary of moving into the home. The home was insured for a little more than 260 thousand dollars, by American National Property and Casualty Company; headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.

The homeowner’s filed a lawsuit earlier this year against their neighbor; whom they allege is responsible for the fire. The couple had made previous police reports against the neighbor, and had filed another report with the sheriff just weeks before their home burnt. In the report to the sheriff, the couple alleges the neighbor made threats to kill them and burn down their house.

The lawsuit brought by American National is to void all coverage available under their insurance policy. No charges have been filed against the homeowner’s or the neighbor in this ongoing investigation. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating; as well as, the TBI, FBI and arson investigators.

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