Tennessee auto insurance verification system is on the way

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The state will be implementing a new system at the start of 2017 to comply with the Financial Responsibility Law.

The state Department of Revenue is launching a Tennessee auto insurance verification system at the start of next year. Early 2017 will bring a new system with it to promote compliance with the Financial Responsibility Law in the state.

The Department of Revenue is encouraging drivers to make certain that they will be compliant in 2017.

The department is urging motorists to look into their Tennessee auto insurance coverage to make sure that it will be adequate to comply with the law at the start of the year. This will be necessary for all of a driver’s vehicles. Part of this process has to do with checking to be sure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is accurate on their insurance and registration documentation.

According to Revenue Commissioner David Gerregano, “Tennessee already has a financial responsibility law that applies to Tennessee drivers.” He added that “The goal of this new system is to efficiently and effectively check compliance in order to reduce the number of motorists who lack insurance or another form of financial responsibility.”

The new Tennessee auto insurance law, known as the James Lee Atwood Jr. Law, passed in 2015.

Tennessee auto insurance woman driverThe purpose of the law is to decrease the total number of uninsured drivers in Tennessee. One component of the legislation is the new insurance verification program. This program requires all auto insurance companies selling car liability policies in the state to register with the department. This process involves providing the department with insurance policy details specific to confirming legal compliance.

In this way, the department will be able to verify insurance policies against registered VINs in the state. This verification can be accomplished continually throughout the year instead of only once per registration renewal.

Should the Tennessee auto insurance system be unable to verify a vehicle’s coverage, the owner will be issued a notice. The notice will direct the owner to a website where he or she may prove that the minimum liability insurance coverage is indeed in place. Alternately, they can use that website to prove other means of financial responsibility.

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  1. Don Birkholz

    What are you supposed to do if you do not own a computer and do not know how to use the internet? What are you supposed to do if you have moved and the letter is sent to the old address and the forwarding period has expired? What are you supposed to do if you do not know if that is a letter “O” on your VIN or “0” zero? If Mrs Smith has a 300$ policy and she lets her DUI husband and three teens drive, but leaves them off the policy. How does this system tell if the DUI husband and three teens are driving the “insured vehicle” without insurance? Why did Minnesota and Missouri quit using this?

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