Homeowners insurance lacking in over 9 in 10 UAE homes

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Recent findings from Zurich have revealed that the current trend is headed in a downward direction. It took a massive fire in a Dubai residential tower, last year, to truly draw the attention of property owners in the United Arab Emirates to the importance of homeowners insurance, but it looks as though the climbing trend has come to an end and is starting to drop once more. A recent study has shown that over 9 out of every 10 people don’t have their homes covered. The homeowners insurance study was…

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Disability insurance refunds coming to New York

Disability Insurance

New York acquires refunds for disability insurance policies New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that Zurich American, a leading insurance firm, will be providing refunds to disability insurance policyholders throughout the state. The refunds come due to Zurich running afoul of a state regulation that requires the insurer to pay no less than 60% of the premiums it collects on claims. Zurich was unable to meet this standard and will begin issuing refunds on disability insurance policies over the next month or so. Refunds signify strong regulatory action Governor…

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Zurich American takes Sony to court over data breach claims

A new court case between the Zurich American insurance company and Sony – its client – may set a precedent for future decisions made regarding an organization’s liability and coverage at the time of a data breach. The insurer has stated that it will not cover Sony’s costs for the many class-action lawsuits that have occurred following the massive database breaches it experienced earlier in 2011, and is seeking the support of the courts for its decision. Sony has already reported that it anticipates that the direct financial cost of…

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Flint Insurance announces new eco-friendly customer benefit initiative

Flint Insurance Private Clients Panel member, Zurich Private Clients, has announced its newest “green” environmentally friendly initiative as a new benefit for their customers. The eco-friendly effort will provide a benefit for enhanced fuel efficiency to customers with high net worth auto insurance. Included on the Flint Private Clients Panel are the leading insurance providers in the UK. They provide a range of different insurance products, from high net worth insurance to auto insurance. Zurich Private Clients is among the insurers on the panel that is considered to be an…

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Leading European property and casualty insurers saw premiums increase of 5.2%

Spain-based MAPFRE has released the results of its 7th annual survey of European insurance companies and has ordered them based on their writing of gross premiums, determining that all of the top insurers were able to both raise their revenues from premiums and achieve successful outcomes that were largely based on activity outside their own countries. The survey specifically examined non-life insurers, and the report published by MAPFRE stated that the top ten insurance companies saw an increase of 5.2 percent in their premiums, bringing them to $283.39 billion in…

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