Wyoming health insurance exchange may be a success

Wyoming Health Insurance

State’s insurance exchange is already showing promising results Wyoming’s health insurance exchange may be performing well. The exchange began open enrollment last month and since seem a surge of activity from those looking for affordable coverage. According to Stephen Goldstone, president and CEO of WINHealth, one of the insurer’s offering coverage through the exchange, WINHealth has had approximately 9,000 people enroll for coverage thus far in the open enrollment period. More people may find access to insurance coverage if state lawmakers decide to expand the Wyoming Medicaid program. Lawmakers debate…

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Health care reforms to be made quickly by Wyoming

Health care reforms matt mead wyoming governor

The state was waiting on the election results to make its decisions, and now it must act fast. Officials in Wyoming were waiting to make their health care reforms decisions until after the presidential election results were released, so that they could know that they were basing their choices on a system that would continue to be in tact into the future. Now that they know that President Obama has won the election, they must make their choices soon. One of the major issues that the state officials will need…

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