Insurance news from HSBC includes intention to sell Ping An stake

China Insurance industry news

A share of approximately $9.3 billion of the Chinese insurer will be sold. The latest insurance news from HSBC is that it is currently in negotiations to sell its stake of the Chinese insurer, Ping An, which is worth approximately $9.3 billion. The intention is to boost the profitability of this largest bank in Europe. It will be accomplished as a part of a larger effort to slough away some of its non-core operations. The sale of the Ping An stake is not unexpected insurance news. It was relatively anticipated…

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Australia: Property insurance risk are being recalculated

The flooding that struck Australia’s Queensland some months back was expected to have severe ramifications on the insurance industry. Now, officials are reporting that rates for homeowners are going to be raised by as much as 30%. Queensland residents have been receiving renewal notices for their policies’ premiums will be increasing. Many of these policyholders own property that survived the flooding without any damage, leading them to question the rate increase. Insurers claim a myriad of reasons behind the rate increase. While the flooding is a prominent factor, they assert…

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