World Bank launches $500 million pandemic insurance fund commitment

World Bank Building pandemic Insurance fund News

Its president has spoken at an Anti-Corruption panel discussion to launch this rapid-disbursing bond. The World Bank has now announced the launch of a fast-disbursing $500 million pandemic insurance fund that is meant to help to make the necessary money available to poorer countries when the world faces a global epidemic. This is the first time that an insurance market has been created for combating the risk associated with pandemics. The World Bank has also already received commitments from certain nations to help to pay into the pandemic insurance fund.…

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Crop insurance products prepared for growers in the Philippines

Crop climate change Insurance

The World Bank’s private sector funding arm is working on new protection for farmers. The private sector funding branch of the World Bank, The International Finance Corp. (IFC), is currently working with a number of its partners in order to create new crop insurance products that are meant to provide farmers in the Philippines with protection against the considerable losses that they incur from typhoon damages. It has been estimated that farmers in the country have lost $2.5 billion to damaging weather since 2009. The IFC reported this statistic, last…

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MIGA claims insurance may secure investments in developing countries

International Insurance fund news

MIGA suggests that insurance may encourage investments in developing countries Insurance may be the key to ensuring that new investment frontiers are taken seriously, according to the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). New investment frontiers are emerging in the developing markets of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These markets are inundated with a significant amount of risk, some of which is linked to politics. These risks threaten returns on the investments made in these markets, causing investors to be cautious. Insurance may be the answer to this…

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