Workers compensation facing reforms in Tennessee

workers compensation

 The state’s Capitol Hill has placed the coverage overhaul at the top of their list. Tennessee’s workers compensation system is facing some changes as reforms to legislation in the state are made in order to make job creation more attractive, but while still protecting employees who are injured while on the job. House Bill 194 is aimed at reducing business costs while making several coverage improvements. The goal of H.B. 194 is to make workers compensation more affordable to businesses, while it boosts the predictability of the coverage, betters the…

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Simplifying the workers comp claim process

Alabama Employees Insruance

Making life easier for you and the claim adjusters. Workers comp claims accounts come in all shapes and sizes, and adjusters are faced with a broad range of different types of circumstances that require their attention and handling. There is no perfect claim, but there are many things that can make life a lot easier for everyone. Use the following to help to create a workers comp claim that will cause the least amount of grief and reduce processing time as much as possible: • Make sure that the main…

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