Workers compensation system in New Jersey to face reforms

California Insurance Commissioner rejects workers compensation rate hike for the third time

The state governor has announced that he will be revealing a new plan to overhaul the coverage. Governor Chris Christie has just revealed his intentions to unveil a new plan that will considerably reform the workers compensation system that is currently in place within the state. The governor made his announcement on his monthly radio show appearance on NJ 101.5 FM. Christie explained that the reason he feels that the workers compensation overhaul is important is that neither employers nor the employees are adhering to the rules as they are…

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Workers compensation overhaul proposed by Tennessee governor

Tennessee workers compensation Insurance companies

Gov. Haslam has declared his intentions to reform the system within the state. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has announced that he will be dedicating himself to overhauling the workers compensation coverage system in the state. This is an area that has held the governor’s attention for some time and he has chosen now to make the changes. Governor Haslam’s administration has now proposed changes to the laws for workers compensation within Tennessee. These proposals suggest that an independent agency should be created in this sector. The purpose of that agency…

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Tennessee Legislature to investigate workers’ compensation system

Tennessee’s workers’ compensation insurance system is to be the subject of review this year. State officials, businesses and insurance experts are to examine how the system is working and how it can be improved. Tennessee has seen its fair share of criticism in recent years as several companies claim the state is too unfriendly to business. Governor Bill Haslam has decided to make the workers’ compensation system a primary focus of the state’s Legislature and hopes to solve some of the complaints it has generated in the past. One of…

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