California workers compensation insurance overhauled

Workers Compensation Insurance

Governor signs workers compensation insurance legislation into law California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a legislation that will increase the disability insurance benefits workers receive if they are injured on the job. The legislation aims to provide workers with benefits more fitting to the rising costs of worker’s compensation insurance premiums. These premiums have been growing in California, largely due to the growing costs of medical care associated with workplace injuries and the prevalence of fraud. The legislation was approved by the state Legislature last month, but was…

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Workers’ compensation rates unchanged in Massachusetts

workers compensation insurance rejection

Division of Insurance rejects proposals to make workers’ compensation insurance more expensive The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has announced that it has rejected proposals to increase the rates of the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program by 18.8%. The decision comes at the end of a five-month long review process which examined the necessity of the proposed rate increase. The rate increase proposals came from the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. Regulators have determined that the rate increase proposal is not necessary and that workers’ compensation insurance prices will…

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