U.S. worker’s compensation premiums grow while market remains stagnant

Workers Compensation insurance

Report documents the turbulent times of the worker’s comp market The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), the largest database of worker’s compensation insurance information in the U.S., has released the latest edition of its annual “State of the Line” report concerning worker’s compensation insurance in the country. The report covers 2011 and notes that premiums grew in that year. This growth has been countered by the apparent stagnation of the market, however. The report suggests that the combined ratio for the worker’s compensation line in the U.S. remains unsustainable.…

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California hearing focuses on workers compensation system

California health insurance

At a recent hearing in Sacramento of California’s Assembly and Senate brought focus to the state’s workers compensation insurance system. The hearing lasted for more than four hours, much of which was spent exposing the shortfalls of the state’s current system and highlighting the need for extensive reform. California’s Worker’s Compensation Institute (CWCI), a non-profit organization that writes worker’s compensation policies for the state, attended the hearing in order to share its views on the current problems facing the system and to discuss the issue of reform. During the hearing,…

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Checking the insurance market temperature

A recent survey shows that first quarter property and casualty (commercial) rates have fallen another three percent, on average, for most renewals and small to medium business renewals. Most experts believe that it’s still too early to tell if this is due to the disasters in Japan and other countries earlier this year, or if there is another market influence taking place. The slowdown in decreasing rates may be an indicator that prices will start to level off. There have been some slight increases, more noticeable in larger businesses, commercial…

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Business claims on the rise due to discrimination

 A recent survey by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, show that lawsuits against businesses for discrimination have risen dramatically; and are still rising. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported a record breaking number of discrimination charges in 2010. The Chubb Group’s report revealed that one third of employees they surveyed felt their company is less likely to protect them from various forms of discrimination. More than 30 percent also stated that they felt companies were less likely to protect consumers from id theft or data leaks. According to…

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How will new health reform laws affect workers comp sector

Members of the Casualty Actuarial Society recently attended a conference concerning the effect the new health reform bill could have on the casualty and property industry.  Several concerns over possible effects on the worker compensation system were put to rest, and possible results on lowering medical malpractice suits were discussed. Because worker compensation medical claims are a part of the overall rise in healthcare, many have been concerned about possible changes under the new reform bill. After the statistics were broken down though, there didn’t seem to be much to…

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Debate over illegal workers covered for “while at work” injuries

Illegal immigrants have once again moved to the forefront of public debate. Now, the various law makers, and state governing boards, are trying to come to a “middle of the road” agreement. What prompted all of this? It seems that a few states have taken a stand against compensating illegal immigrants who are injured at their job. Which prompts another question; how did these illegal immigrants get jobs? The best-guess numbers say that five percent of the U.S. workforce is (illegal) immigrants.  The estimate is there are around eight million…

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