Employer health insurance hasn’t decreased from Obamacare

workers employer health insurance

A new survey showed the ACA has not reduced the number of employers offering these benefits. There had been strong fears that employer health insurance would plummet at the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. That said, a recent survey has shown that Obamacare doesn’t appear to have produced this result. The percentage of companies still offering benefits including health insurance to workers has stayed steady. The proportion of companies offering employer health insurance benefits to both workers and their families has stayed the same. The figure has remained essentially…

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UPS drops health insurance coverage for 15,000 working spouses

U.S. Health Insurance

UPS makes health insurance cuts citing financial concerns The United Parcel Service (UPS) of the U.S. has announced that it will be cutting the health insurance coverage it provides to approximately 15,000 spouses of full-time employees. The company is one of the largest employers in the country, but has been expressing concern regarding how the health insurance sector will be affected by the Affordable Care Act. According to UPS, the move is due to the rising costs of health care in general as well as the provisions associated with the…

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Insurance news made by worker benefits study

health insurance confusion

Research shows that 89 percent of employees select the same coverage options every year. According to the results of a recent survey which are making insurance news, 54 percent of workers in the United States would opt not to gain greater control over their health plan options because they feel overwhelmed by the requirement to make this type of decision. The survey was conducted online with the participation of thousands of decision makers and workers. This was the third annual Aflac WorkForces Report and it has been making insurance news…

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Health insurance trends among employers defining themselves across the country

health insurance companies profits

Though the overall direction seems to be a decline, this is not so in Massachusetts. The results of a newly released report on health insurance sponsored by employers from one state to the next, has revealed some interesting trends occurring across the country as well as in some specific states. The data has indicated a change in direction for much of the country, though not in some states. The State Health Access Data Assistance Center’s study, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed that while employer sponsored…

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Health insurance must be offered to Florida part-timers or the state will be fined

Florida health insurance

The Sunshine State must make a number of vital healthcare reform decisions over the next few months. Florida is facing an important string of health insurance decisions over the next few months in order to comply with the requirements of the federal healthcare reforms, including providing coverage to some of its part time state workers or face fines $300 million per year. This could require the state to make sweeping changes to this sector of its industry. The federal law would require the state to pay a stiff penalty if…

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Health insurance law opposition causes harm to Darden Restaurants

Health Insurance for employees at the Olive Garden

The parent company of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster is seeing struggles from its resistance. Darden Restaurants has made a concerted effort to reject the healthcare law requirement that employers provide their workers with health insurance, and this has caused the company to experience a backlash that it may not have expected. Americans have been boycotting the restaurants in support of the hours and benefits of its workers. The company had previously announced its intentions to cut back the hours of its employees in order to ensure that it…

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