Insurance news from the European Union shows prices will increase for women’s life policies

Women Insurance

When the regulations regarding gender kick in, women will pay more for coverage. Women in Europe who have heard the latest insurance news are rushing to take advantage of the shrinking window of opportunity that is available to them to obtain a life policy for a lower price. When the regulations against using gender as a factor in calculations kick in, women will lose their discount. The main insurance news attention regarding the way that gender will no longer be allowed to calculate premiums has been focused on auto coverage,…

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European insurance stops using gender to determine rates

According to the main insurers’ lobby in Europe, the CEA, a new regulation will be causing european insurance customers to have to pay up to 30 percent more for their coverage. The regulation stops insurance companies from being able to charge different rates for men and women, and it will come into effect in 2012. On average, women will face the largest increases. According to the CEA, which was discussing the findings of research commissioned by the GDV, a German insurance industry association, women will on average be paying 30…

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