Trump’s attempt to roll back birth control mandate quashed by judge

Birth Control Mandate - Birth Control Pills

A federal judge has ruled to block a set of new regulations put forward by the Trump administration. The recent attempt the Trump administration has made to block the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act has been halted for the moment. A federal judge in Pennsylvania has paused the ability for the efforts to move forward. The Trump administration had been seeking to roll back the birth control mandate. This would make it harder for women to obtain no cost birth control if their employers state that they…

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Demand for breast pumps soars under Obamacare

Breast Pumps Obamacare insurance coverage

  Stories about organizations fighting the clause in the new Affordable Care Act or referred to as Obamacare which requires companies to cover birth control have dominated the headlines as of late, but a lesser known clause is causing a scramble to provide new mothers with breast pumps. Small clause creates big stir Some of the ACA clauses and conditions kicked in January 1, 2013. One of these is a requirement that breast pumps are covered by insurance companies. New mothers can get free consultations with lactation experts at no…

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European insurance stops using gender to determine rates

According to the main insurers’ lobby in Europe, the CEA, a new regulation will be causing european insurance customers to have to pay up to 30 percent more for their coverage. The regulation stops insurance companies from being able to charge different rates for men and women, and it will come into effect in 2012. On average, women will face the largest increases. According to the CEA, which was discussing the findings of research commissioned by the GDV, a German insurance industry association, women will on average be paying 30…

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