Auto insurance could rise by as much as £500 for women in the EU

auto insurance premiums rise

Female drivers an life coverage policyholders could find that they are paying far more very soon. Starting on December 21, life and auto insurance companies in the European Union will no longer be permitted to use a policyholders gender as a factor in the calculations of his or her premiums. On Friday, those insurers that have not already changed their rules will be required to do so. This means that women who have life or auto insurance coverage will likely find themselves paying over £500 more per year for the…

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Auto insurance premiums on the rise for Irish female drivers

auto Insurance trends

Approximately 200,000 women motorists could face increases of €300. Up to 200,000 female drivers in Ireland have discovered that they could be paying annual auto insurance premiums that are €300 more than the current rates. In fact, these rate hikes have already been set into place by some insurers in the country. Auto insurance companies have already begun the premiums increases for women in anticipation of the new European Union regulations that ban gender discrimination that will officially be implemented in December 2012. The increases are anywhere from 10 percent…

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Car insurance: truth, lies, myths, and reality

When it comes to auto insurance, there is a lot of information available, but it’s hard for insurers and customers alike to know what to believe, what is a deception, and what is simply an urban myth. A recent study performed in the United Kingdom by eCar – an eInsurace Group serving more than 28,000 monthly insurance applications – found that women drivers are slightly more likely than men to alter the truth when they submit an auto insurance application. The study also showed that there has been an increase…

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