16 More insurance companies file lawsuits against Pacific Power

Insurance companies - Lawsuit filed

The joint lawsuit against the utility and its parent company PacifiCorp is connected to the Archie Creek Fire. An additional 16 insurance companies have filed a joint lawsuit against PacifiCorp as well as Pacific Power, its subsidiary, for reasons relating to damages caused by the Archie Creek Fire. The lawsuit was filed by the insurers on January 5 in the Douglas County Circuit Court. The insurance companies are pursuing a combined $14.2 million from the electric utility and its subsidiary. The 16 insurers are based in eight different states, including…

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Auto insurance anti-stacking language causes disagreements between insurers and lawyers

Following an April vote by Wisconsin lawmakers that permitted the inclusion of anti-stacking language in auto insurance policies, it is anticipated that one of the first acts from the Republican-controlled state legislature will be a decision to permit insurers to disallow policy stacking. The decision in April was made in an attempt to resolve a common battle that was regularly being fought between trial lawyers and insurers. What occurred was the repealing of every element of the “Truth in Auto” law that was passed in 2009, except for the aspect…

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