Holiday season travelers are purchasing travel insurance for many reasons

Travel insurance - Airplane holiday travel

Whether they’re visiting family, going on a winter adventure, or getting away from it all, travel insurance coverage matters. Though heading on a trip during the winter can be a fantastic way to get together with those you love or get away from everyday life, travel insurance is increasingly valued to help protect against the many risks and challenges that can go with heading away from home. Though there are risks to trips at any time of the year, winter comes with its own bundle of hazards. It doesn’t take…

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Travel insurance can help holiday season travelers to protect themselves from being snowed in

Though the holiday season is one of the most common times for people to travel, it is also commonly interrupted by bad weather such as heavy snow, wind, or ice storms. This type of bad weather can make as much of a mess of travel plans as it can of a city’s sidewalks and streets. Road closures, grounded and delayed flights, and stalled trains can make it impossible for travelers to keep to their itineraries. Last year, snow in England brought over 500,000 flights to and from Heathrow Airport to…

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