Will wildfire insurance loss mean the end of Californian wineries?

Wildfire insurance - California winery in Sonoma

Many locations in California are afraid that this fire season will prove to be the last they survive. Wildfire insurance has become an increasingly critical coverage for wineries in California, but many local labels are concerned that they won’t be able to obtain it in future years. Not only are premiums rapidly rising for many wineries, but for many, it is becoming unavailable. Newfound Wines owner Mat Naumann said that while he had been expecting his small Placerville (El Dorado County) vineyard and winery’s wildfire insurance premiums to rise again…

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Some insurers no longer sell wildfire insurance policies in Montana’s high risk zones

California wildfire damage

As fires blast their ways across western portions of the states, many providers have refused to continue selling. Wildfire insurance policies are becoming harder to obtain in certain parts of Montana. Some insurance companies have decided to stop offering this protection in some of the zones where the fires are currently ablaze. This is not an abnormal practice for companies selling protection such as wildfire and flood insurance. “It’s very common for insurance policies when it comes to natural disasters, whether it be fires or floods, that insurers won’t write…

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