How Can an Accident Injury Attorney Help Me Win My Case?

Getting in an accident involving a truck can be traumatic. Suffering a personal injury, having a loved one injured, or your vehicle damaged can make the whole incident overwhelming and unbearable. Being involved in a truck accident can lead to months or even years of personal trauma and financial unrest due to injury, damage, and loss of work. The insurance companies are not going to look out for your best interest, so you need someone that will represent you and fight for you. The insurance companies will try to blame…

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What to Do If You Get In an Accident

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What to Do If You Get In an Accident Being involved in a car accident is very scary, especially if you don’t know what to do or expect. Knowing what to do will help you better deal with the unexpected chaos that can happen at the scene of an accident. The following tips can make a world of difference in protecting yourself, your rights, and any passengers who were involved in the accident. Things to Do at the Scene of an Accident You’ve just been in an accident. What do…

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Four Things You Need to do Immediately After a Car Accident

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Car accidents occur almost every day in Baton Rouge. Some are very minor while others are far more serious. Personal health and safety are a priority after an accident. Anyone who needs medical attention should call an ambulance immediately. All parties should also get out of the street quickly to a safe location nearby. Anyone involved in a car accident should take four additional steps once all parties are out of the way of harm. 4. Document The Scene The scene of an accident in Baton Rouge is likely to…

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