Does Business Insurance Cover Shop Shutters?

business shop shutters covered by insurance

Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, is a broad term that covers a range of different insurance types designed to protect businesses against various risks. This may include property damage, legal liabilities, employee-related risks, and losses resulting from business interruption. As a business owner, understanding the specifics of your coverage is paramount in ensuring the safety and continuity of your enterprise. Cover for Shop Shutters under Property Insurance The most direct insurance type that can cover shop shutters is property insurance. Commercial property insurance is designed to cover the…

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The importance of understanding what business interruption insurance can provide

According to partner Robert Glasser from the Dempsey Partners L.L.C. New York Office, it is very important for a company to assess its needs for business interruption coverage and to do so carefully. That said, while CFOs and risk managers are typically confident in determining many of the insurance needs of their organizations, they often balk in the face of business interruption because they don’t have a structured approach to provide them with the information they require to make their decision regarding this coverage and its limits. Unfortunately, this discomfort…

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