Renters insurance available through a new insurer for Missouri residents

Renters Insurance

Auto policy customers at Esurance will now be able to add tenants coverage in that state. Missouri auto coverage customers of Esurance are now being offered an add on renters insurance coverage that is designed to provide them with inexpensive protection in addition to further savings on their vehicle policies. Consumers in that state are being offered this add on from the insurer for the first time. According to the estimates that have been made by Esurance, the average cost of the add on renters insurance will be $16 per…

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Renters insurance now available from Esurance in Illinois

renters insurance esurance

Coverage premiums in the state will be starting as low as $16 per month. Although Esurance is best known for being an auto policy company that sells directly to the consumer, in Illinois, it is now also offering renters insurance to residents of that state. The policies are available to both existing and new customers of the insurer. This added renters insurance is being sold as an add-on to the auto coverage, which is the main product offered by the insurer. It is not, however, being sold as a standalone…

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Renters insurance now being offered by Esurance in Wisconsin

esurance renters insurance

Tenants in the state are being offered coverage for as little as a monthly ten dollars. Esurance, an insurer that is best known for its direct to customer auto coverage, is now offering Wisconsin tenants a new renters insurance policy to cover their possessions. This protection is being sold to consumers in the state for premiums as low as ten dollars. The new renters insurance coverage is being offered as an add-on to the auto insurance policies already available through the company. It is available to both existing Esurance customers,…

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Do your possessions in storage require insurance coverage?

No matter where you may be keeping your belongings – whether it’s in your parents basement or garage, or in a public storage unit – making sure that you have the proper insurance coverage for those items should be considered a necessity if they are of any financial value or if it would cost money to replace them. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that if an item is worth paying for its storage, then it is worth the cost of its coverage. The first thing that you should do is…

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What type of insurance coverage should a college student consider?

If your child is already in college, or will be headed there within the next few months or years, then you may want to begin thinking about the different types of insurance coverage that may be important for him or her during this first time away from home. The odds are that he or she will remain free if incident throughout the entire time at college, but just in case some of those close calls go awry, it is best to be protected. The following are some of the types…

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Smart renters purchase insurance coverage

Last year came with a wide range of tremendous disasters ranging from extreme weather to tornadoes, which brought the importance of insurance coverage to the attention of many renters who didn’t think that they needed this protection. Unfortunately, all too many renters discovered that they were wrong when they assumed that their landlords’ policies would cover them, as well. The reality, though, is that the landlords’ policies extend only to the protection of the building itself, and not the contents of the units. Renters’ insurance, also known as contents insurance,…

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Is renter’s insurance necessary or a luxury for students living away from home?

The back-to-school season is upon us and college students across the country are moving into their new homes for the coming school year; a process that involves expensive personal possessions, such as computers, electronics, bicycles, clothing, and other personal items that would be costly to replace though they are highly prone to damage or theft. While some students already have protection through their parents’ homeowners insurance, many policies will not cover students who aren’t living on campus. That said, many tenants fail to realize that their property is not covered…

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