Auto liability insurance minimum is the focus in West Virginia

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The state is mulling over a potential increase in the lowest possible amount of coverage. In West Virginia, approximately 15 percent of vehicle owners are carriers of the minimum allowable amount of auto liability insurance, said the commissioner in the state when speaking to a legislative interim committee. Mike Riley spoke to the committee on Tuesday, using the results of a survey of the largest carriers in the state. Commissioner Mike Riley spoke based on a survey that was conducted on the four largest auto liability insurance carriers in West…

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Auto insurance premiums in West Virginia are higher than many states

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A recent study has shown that drivers in that state pay more than many others across the country. A comparison study has been performed across the various states, and major differences were discovered in the auto insurance premiums paid by some drivers over others in different parts of the country. The research involved a survey that compared average premiums paid by drivers across the nation. For example, an annual average of $4,409 was paid by drivers in Michigan. This amount represented approximately 8 percent of the income of those motorists.…

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Progressive makes insurance news with opportunities for drivers to save

Progressive has made several announcements regarding ways in which it is making auto insurance coverage more affordable. For example, it has announced that drivers in West Virginia will now be seeing lower premiums for their car insurance. According to Allison Feakins, the West Virginia product manager for Progressive, “We make it easy and affordable for consumers to get car insurance.” She explained that the company is regularly reviewing the rates that it charges and that the market conditions have now permitted some changes that will assist individuals in saving money. Moreover,…

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