Pet insurance claims seem to be getting weirder

Pet Insurance

The Pets Best insurer has released another annual list of strange claims for the summer months. A leading nationwide pet insurance company has now released its annual list of the most bizarre claims that have been filed with the provider throughout the summer months, to draw attention to the importance of being careful to protect animals from the unique risks that are presented throughout the hottest parts of the year, and to the difference that coverage can make. The Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC list of bizarre claims has now…

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Pet insurance company releases strangest summertime claims info

pet insurance

Pets Best identifies weirdest filings of the season. Every few months, the oddest pet insurance claims are identified by Pets Best, by its president and founder, Dr. Jack Stephens, who is as also a practicing veterinarian. The most recent summertime examples have now been released by the insurer. According to Dr. Stephens, “The accidents and dangers pets encounter never cease to amaze me.” He added that “We want pet owners to remember that as the weather warms and they’re spending more time outside, they should be extra cautious.” The pet…

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