Pet insurance claims seem to be getting weirder

Pet Insurance

The Pets Best insurer has released another annual list of strange claims for the summer months. A leading nationwide pet insurance company has now released its annual list of the most bizarre claims that have been filed with the provider throughout the summer months, to draw attention to the importance of being careful to protect animals from the unique risks that are presented throughout the hottest parts of the year, and to the difference that coverage can make. The Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC list of bizarre claims has now…

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Cell phone insurance claims are proving to be quite unique

Cell Phone Insurance

Mobile devices are finding themselves in some odd and often funny circumstances. The decision as to whether or not to purchase cell phone insurance is becoming a regular thing, and one with which many consumers struggle because it isn’t necessarily a cheap form of coverage. But as past claims have shown, it is very common for smartphones to stop functioning before their time. Though cell phone insurance may not be the cheapest one out there, claim records from various insurers that offer the product have shown that mobiles can find…

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So you think insurance is wasted money, think again!

While insurance may seem to be a burden to most people, it does have moments of significance that is usually only noticed when certain situations arise. Five important insurance claims are explored, including car problems, fine arts, pet insurance, natural disasters and the 9/11 financial burden. Auto insurance holds a huge significance that should not be taken for granted. Back in 2007 in the UK, a car shopper took out a Pagani Zonda for a test drive which is worth £500,000, with only ten of the cars produced in a…

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