Wedding insurance becoming more common among Americans

Wedding Insurance

With the increasing cost of getting married and everything that it entails, more couples are purchasing coverage. The average cost for Americans to get married is now approximately $26,000 and, to an increasing degree, couples are purchasing wedding insurance to help to cover themselves against the sizeable financial losses that could occur as a result of illness, extreme weather, or even a sudden change of heart. The coverage isn’t offered by a large number of insurers in the U.S. but the number may soon grow. At the moment, wedding insurance…

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Wedding insurance: the most common types of claims

Wedding insurance: buy it or drive thru… It isn’t common to hear about wedding-related claims in headline insurance news, but the fact is that there are a growing number of claims being made by future brides and grooms as well as newlyweds. Couples have a great deal to worry about and there are a number of risks that apply to the day that is likely to be the most expensive celebration that they will throw in their lifetimes. Travelers is among the insurers that are now offering a Wedding Protector Plan,…

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