Native Americans may be affected by US health insurance mandate

Health insurance problems for Native Americans

Health insurance may prove somewhat problematic for Native population The impact that the Affordable Care Act will have on the U.S. health insurance sector is often a matter of heated debate. Those supporting the federal law suggest that it will make health insurance more inclusive for a broad range of consumers, while opponents suggest that it will raise the price of coverage significantly over the next several years. The law’s potential impact is typically focused on what effect it will have on American consumers, but there is a particular demographic…

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Health insurance alternative becomes law in Arkansas

Arkansas Health Insurance

Arkansas health insurance law provides alternative to expansion of Medicaid program The Affordable Care Act has seen no shortage of controversy and challenge in the U.S. While some states have worked to unseat the federal law, despite it being upheld by the Supreme Court, Arkansas has been one of the few that has been working for alternatives regarding the provisions outlined in the law. Earlier this year, Arkansas began developing a plan to support its private health insurance exchanges as a suitable alternative to expanding its Medicaid program that would…

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Liability insurance requirements for guns up for consideration in Washington DC

liability insurance mandatory coverage

Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners proposed in DC Washington D.C. may become the first in the U.S. to make liability insurance for gun owners mandatory. The D.C. Council is currently considering a proposal that would require those that own firearms to purchase and maintain liability insurance coverage. This issue has been gaining more attention in recent months, following a spate of school shootings. Gun control has become a divisive topic throughout the country, with supporters and opponents adopting fairly extreme stances on the issue. The D.C. Council believes that…

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