Washington insurance commissioner bans use of credit score for premiums calculation

Washington insurance - Ban on credit score

Mike Kreidler has adopted a new rule that prohibits the use of credit data, as it is discriminatory. Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has announced that he is adopting a rule that will ban insurers from using an individual’s credit score to calculate their premiums. Kreidler says that using credit scores discriminates against people of color and low-income individuals. That said, even as the Washington Insurance Commissioner seeks to keep the rule in place over the longer term, there is strong opposition in the state Legislature. The rule bans insurers…

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The Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

California auto insurance

The United States is known the world over for being full of motoring fanatics with people loving the old and new models, taking them apart and putting in modern add-ons to improve performance, washing them to keep them clean on an almost daily basis and loving their motorsport. With all of this in mind, you would almost expect the US to be relatively cheap in terms of car insurance. You would also expect that annual insurance prices would be relatively similar across the country. However, there are some significant variations…

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California is the state with the fourth toughest consequences for texting behind the wheel

InsuranceQuotes.com has released a list of the ranks of the states that have the toughest consequences for texting while driving, and California drivers came in fourth among the ten hardest hitting. The Austin, Texas-based InsuranceQuotes.com is an organization that provides comparison quotes for insurance policies over the internet. It performed the review of the bans that have been put into place in Washington D.C. and 35 of the states. Their news release reported on the company’s examination of the penalties and fines that are issued to drivers who are caught…

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Agents concerned of GM free MetLife insurance offer

Independent insurance agents in the Pacific Northwest have been voicing their apprehension over a promotion made by General Motors that offers auto buyers in the area a year of free MetLife Auto & Home liability and damage coverage.  In an effort to encourage more drivers in Washington and Oregon to purchase new GM vehicles, the auto manufacturer has announced that until September 6, when customers in those two states purchase a new 2010, 211, or 2012 car, crossover, or truck, they would also receive a free year of MetLife Home…

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Looking to boost sales, General Motors offers free insurance for new cars.

General Motors is no stranger to financial troubles. The 2008 recession, whose effects still linger to this day, took a heavy toll on the auto maker. The company was forced to shut down several factories, lay off thousands of workers and discontinue some of their models. Recovering from the recession has been no small feat for the world’s businesses, but the auto industry has had a particularly rough time of it, due mainly to the additional expenses that come with purchasing a vehicle. In an effort to boost sales, GM…

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